What are we?
We are creative duo based in Tokyo.
Who are we?
Designers with an international experience in the fields of architecture, illustration, product and transportation design.
What are we interested in?
Our curiosity has almost no limits. Due to different design backgrounds we are extremely interested in the fields of product design, textiles, house and kitchen appliances, furniture, transportation and also everything that’s related to traditional crafts and modern technology.
What do we do?
We design things for everyday life. At the same time it is essential that the object that we are creating is appealing to us since we ourselves are the toughest judges of our creations. This is why the main quality criteria for our objects is pretty simple: the product should be desirable so that we would want to possess it ourselves. 
Where to see our work?
Our page is under construction but we would be happy to share our work samples with you.